Our Mantra

We are a group of passionate individuals consisting of sports scientists, consulting doctors, trainers and students. We hope to use our combined knowledge to optimize your health, wellness and help you take your performance to the next level.

Our Team

Dr. Ashwin Phatak

CEO & Training consultant

Anton Bechtloff

Training Consultant


Physical Health

Have a healthy, functional body using your preferred training method. Let it be yoga, calisthenics, or good old fashion weight training. We help you play your way to desired goals.


High performance cannot e separated from physical and mental health. By focusing on your wellness we take your performance to the next level.


A team of such high performing individuals can achieve goals which were otherwise unachievable.

Mental Health

Feel, understand and use emerging emotion in your favor, build a healthy mind which works for you and not against.


We provide strategies using morning routines to enhance creativity and productivity through nutrition, movement and mindfulness practices

Work-Life Balance

Find a balance between work and private life. This factor is underrated so far.