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Take a look below or ask your checkout directly for online prevention/health sport courses. The reimbursement rates can change at the individual cash registers. IMPORTANT - The online course is only refundable if you have completed all 10 training units!

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Physical Health

Have a healthy functional body using your preferred training method. Let it be yoga, calisthenics, or good old fashion weight training. We help you play your way to desired goals.


High performance cannot be separated from physical and mental health. By focusing on your wellness we take your performance to the next level.


A team of such high performing individuals can achieve goals which were otherwise unachievable.


We provide strategies using morning routines to enhance creativity and productivity through nutrition, movement and mindfulness practices.

Work-Life Balance

Find a balance between work and private life. This factor is underrated so far.
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What our customers say

Ashwin brought my yoga practice to the next level with contagious encouragement and personalized guidance. His group lessons begin with laughter and finish with conversation, adding a social dimension to an otherwise solitary practice. Ashwin creates an environment where you will achieve fitness goals and build friendships at the same time.
Jaime Founder
A great way to combine my physical wellness with the like-minded people and grasp additional motivation from surrounding. Enjoy the way these activities influence my life.
Peter Manager
It's fun, individualised exercises with a group of people at the side. Great atmosphere where you see how everyone improves at their own pace!
Kathrine Designer
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